The Need for Hard Rocks


Apparently some blacksmith apprentices (who no longer had work) decided to turn to mining! However, this meant going to the mountains to the east in search of easy pickings!

They haven’t been heard from since, but everyone is hopeful that they find something of value, and if they do then many in the town would be happy to find work mining. The need for hard metals isn’t so bad yet, but it’ll be there soon…

The party followed the trail far to the east, reaching the base of the mountains before they found one of the lost miners dead, possibly to a Grass cat. Another miner appeared to have died to an errant cave-in (though it soon appeared to not be as errant as they believed). And eventually they found the only surviving member of the trio they followed, Albert, who appeared to have become off kilter following the death of his friends and the horrid things he encounted within the mines.

The party then fought many things, some appearing to be long dead, but still alive? Saw several different ancient appearing devices, including a platform that can be raised and lowered without any appearance of physical exertion. And eventually found a trove of metals ready for the mining.

The Need for Hard Rocks

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