Lord Jerico


Lord Jerico has always been rich. He was born rich, he has either maintain his richness, or increased it throughout his life. And, to be honest, intends to continue doing so. He doesn’t do it illegally, or through murder, he just does it. Money usually leads to more money. And so when he joined with Hallamond in coming over to the South Continent, he came with a shit ton of money.

The money came in the form of supplies, and chests of money. The supplies didn’t last long, he sold them, for yep, more money.

I suppose it is lucky for him that the economy has managed to stay stable enough to maintain coin’s value. Or maybe people just hold onto old habits. None-the-less he is effectively the bank of Halmud. He has coins, and lends it out. That or one of his assistants.

This isn’t all that he does, but probably what he is best known for. He has other dealings, and has acquired some businesses when they couldn’t pay debts. But he isn’t as aggressive as many others are. He isn’t buying up metals, or cheating people. He just lives with money and continues to make more because of it.

Lord Jerico

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