Well known as a terrible namer, no one really knows why he decided to name the Settlement after himself… well people can guess why, they just don’t know why he named it after himself so poorly. Halmud is a terrible name, why mix your name with mud??? But whatever the reason, it is where the name came from.

He has a lot of money. People think. He probably does. If nothing else, he owned about 4 of the ships that managed to land safely at Halmud, as well as all the supplies that were aboard. So it is assumed he made bank when people started buying up the wood from the ships, not to mention the use of the tools and supplies carried within.

In his time at Halmud he seems to have continued riding the success of having money to continue having money. He doesn’t do any work himself, and continues to be a consistent source of gear and supplies for many occasions. Rumors abound on whether everything is still ok with him, but people are jealous creatures.

He does, however, live in one damn fine house.


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