Character Creation


Critical thoughts to think:
1) My Character’s driving motivations (My wealth was all taken away, and I will do anything to get it back).
2) My character’s defining trait (I will never betray someone because I know my allies give my name strength)
3) My character’s defining personality (I wear a mask of joviality at all times, I do not anyone to see any weakness or fear)
4) My character’s major flaw (Despite my goal of obtaining wealth, I am an atrocious bargainer.)
5) My character’s strongest bond (I own a seal of nobility, which is all I have left to prove my once rich and important family.)
6) My character’s ideals (This might actually be the same as a defining trait)
7) My background, which is complex and probably best broken up:
a) My LITERAL background, i.e. “Nobel” defined by the player handbook gave me x y and z.
b) Early childhood (I was raised rich, not much loved, and was a spoiled brat. I was trained in swordfighting, and the art of running my land once it came to my name)
c) Mid life (My family’s reputation was destroyed, my lands stolen from me, everyone killed. My swordmaster was the only other survivor, and together we joined a band of mercenaries. We fought back against The evil Wizard’s and their armies together, but I never was able to reclaim my title nor my land.
d) Just before now (I chose to find my wealth beyond this land. Rumors abounded of a south continent and potentially boundless wealth to be found there. So my plan was to go, and start staking claims to valuable land. I would also begin to amass allies and followers and form a company under me to acquire wealth and rebuild my name.)
e) Short term goals (I need money and allies, and usually in that order, I want to cross paths with people, and make some money) Eventually I want to have 4 mercenaries swords under me.

AND THEN you think about making your character
1) My role IN combat (I’m a leader, so I’m going to go fighter, with manuervers)
2) My role OUT of combat, leader, gather men and money. So I need to do some Charisma, also proficiencies in anything that helps me get what I want. I don’t need any tools.
3) Choose my class (fighter) make up my special bond item (trinket showing my nobility, maybe come up with a coat of arms.) I’ll have good strength, some Charisma, and some constitution, followed by dex and int. I want to be well rounded, so I won’t be amazing at anything.

And thats all I have at the moment. I’ll probably edit it some other time…

Barbarian Class
Bard Class
Cleric Class – No, it is entirely magical, and my supposed gods don’t grant powers to mortals.
Druid Class – At the moment a no.
Fighter Class
Monk Class
Paladin Class – Leaning towards no at the moment.
Ranger Class
Rogue Class
Sorcerer Class – No, it is entirely magical.
Warlock Class – No.
Wizard Class – No.

For those classes I outright said no on, I was planning on making it so everyone would be able to learn/use magic in some form, so I might be willing to make that sub class I’m planning to do be any of those 4 classes, but at the moment I was just planning on a trimmed down wizard sub class.


Dwarf – Uhhh, possibly… I had some stuff on dwarfs, but never really got around to fleshing them out.

Elf – MAYBE, Elves are extremely distasteful of humans, and despise their cities and tendencies. You might be allowed to be one, but only with a wonderful reason to be here.

Halfling – I don’t really have any representation of a halfling in my world, though I have been sort of treating gnomes a lot like half-lings… I would probably say no.

Human – Yes, most common and easiest for me to deal with.

Dragonborn – Few Dragonborn remain due to their tendancies for getting into incredibly dangerous situations and tiny birth rate. They are primarily tribal. Sure, if you want.

Gnome – Lore: Very few gnomes exist anymore, and their history shrouded in mystery. They are eccentric and experimental. Prone to invention creation followed by invention explosions. Maybe yes, but I’m hesitant.

Half-whatever – Yes, But I would want to hear a really good backstory first…

Tiefling – Probably not, I wasn’t really planning on having a player be completely shunned in Halmud, and you would be as a tiefling. Lore: Small portion Demon. Possible for my world.

Point Buy System


For languages… At the moment I’m thinking I want to do some homebrewed rules. In my opinion everyone shouldn’t be able to read and write multiple languages, it just seems a little ridiculous, and doesn’t exactly fit my world. That combined with the fact that my world is fairly un-creative in terms of races leads me to the below change.

Which is, now you must purchases both SPEAKING a language and READ/WRITE a language. So, if you are allowed 2 languages, you could take understanding Common AND Draconic, but you wouldn’t know how to READ/WRITE either of them. Or you can just know how to understand and read/write just common (or Draconic if that floats your fancy).

Beyond that, I’d PROBABLY be willing to allow you to sacrifice a proficiency in order to learn how to understand AND read/write another language. This is all open to debate, or course. I’m just not certain I’d want/expect everyone to be able to read and write in a world like this, even adventurers in some situations.

Possible languages:
Nobleese (crappy name Brandon and me gave a languages the nobles tend to learn, it is kind of like a latin that is mostly dead, but that people still learn and speak on rare occasion)
Draconic (Ancient language associated with magic, Dragons speak it as well, also Kobolds)
Goblinoid (goblins and orcs and the such)
Eladrin (They exist (Mialee) but the chance you speak it is slim to none)
Elven (Elves exist, but keep themselves fairly far away and separate from humans)
Other races (Gnomish, dwarfish, Half-ling-ish? I haven’t really said yes/no on what races I’m allowing, so… unless someone convinces me to be one of those races, then you can’t learn the language)
Nephalish (Uhhh, the language of the Nephalim maybe? You probably don’t know it)
And of course you could know your own dialect or language if you really want one, I’d probably let you read/write it too because it’ll probably be useless to you…

Character Creation

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