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Alendi’s Map

Some Important Places in or around Alendi:
Alendi’s Tower
The Tre
The King’s Keep
The Oasis
The City’s Walls
Quarrys and Mines outside the city

Some Important People of Alendi:
The King
Griswald AKA Hans Grubber AKA Alendi’s “Master Keeper” AKA Alendi’s General
Tulli, of Tulli’s Relic Emporium
Miss Lynch
Lunni (Ousted Master Keeper of Alendi) currently residing in Centari
Faldir, what has he been up to?

4 rescued Keepers:
Pendi: Griswald’s teacher, he is about 65 years old now (Griswald is about 42) so he might have some insight into Griswald’s mind and motivations…
Ti(female): Head Librarian for Alendi’s Tower. Very knowledegable, and knows her way around the tower’s books if she gets there. Understand’s the lands geography, and knows a lot about what is happening, but doesn’t care. Loves books.
Zonathi: Alendi’s Best Keeper of the Blade. Obviously bladeless now, but is indebted to the party, and will teach them secrets of the relics. Rewards 500 Engi XP
Toni: Rescued by Seamus during hangings. Was previously a school teacher at the tower.

The city of Alendi. It has recently declared itself a “city-state” by its self proclaimed king Elendi. He isn’t the first king of the city, but he is the first one who has found himself without major crisis-es to deal with. The previous king gathered an impressive number of relics which now easily defend the walls. The king before built the walls to protect the growing town. The king before him built the fort, allowing a safe retreat for the small town. The king before him was a great warrior who fought hard his entire life against monsters attacking the small town of Alendi side-by-side with the Keepers. So, here is Elendi, a middle aged king with nothing to his name. The town is fairly safe from monsters, food from the oasis is plentiful, and metals abundant. So he started plans for world domination, or maybe just some aggressive expansion into orc territory.

The city isn’t large by any standards. The monster attacks has forced the city to remain very compact and hidden behind the protective walls. Currently the city probably claims around 1000 citizens, many of which live in small apartments within the walls, then work either in the mines nearby, fishing the oasis, or on the defense force.

It is growing rapidly, or attempting to. Small sections of walls are attempted to be erected to expand livable space, but none are currently sponsored by the king, and thus has no active patrols by the defense force.

“The Tre” OR Tulli’s Relic Emporium


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