Across the Mountains


Map of the Keeper’s Region

City of Alendi

This region has an active sect of Keepers of the Door typically in every town. Currently there are 5 major towns with sects, and a few smaller towns typically with a Keeper in residence. One Tower has been overrun by monstrosities, and another contact has been lost. The center of the sect (openly) is in the town of Centari (The town the party would arrive in). The Keepers are openly a center of knowledge, trade, and protection. They control instantaneous transportation to the other major towns, including trade and movement of people. They are also the defenders of the town, utilizing mystical technology to fight off danger. Supposedly the number of weapons is extremely tiny, and hence carefully guarded. However, villagers who discover weapons are allowed to keep them, but usually sell them to the keepers once their power is drained. It seems that the keepers have a way of refueling their cells.

The land across the mountains is full of life, lots of different environments, it is also almost completely devoid of mana damage like the Halmud region. The only exception are the monstrosities that occasionally attack the cities, and typically defended by a brave few men standing with the keeper’s and their powerful weapons.

Supplies are delivered via a semi-hidden warehouse below the main floor via a large transportation system.

People are typically transported via the smaller upper circle.

Notable figures in Centari:

Master Keeper: Normani, looks 60ish, talks slow, moves kind of slow, carries a Blade of Ages. Carries a vinecreeper pistol.

Keepers of the Blades: Alexi (male), 30s, carries a strike blade, best and bravest fighter, has a crush on Lynne, has one blue and one brown eye, carries a vinecreeper pistol.

Thalia (female), late 20s, carries a Fire Brand, wears HEAVILY altered Keeper robes that have been armored and allow more ease of movement in combat Hot tempered

Keepers of the Peace:
Farrah (female), 40s, carries a trick shot. Best shot in town with a rifle. She has a nervous twitch, and seems to be always looking around her. Tends to put her back to the wall, eyes on the door.

Lydia (female), 18ish, an exceptionally young keeper, even exceptionally younger keeper of the peace, but stupidly talented, distgustingly so. Like, give her a gun, and she could shoot almost anything at any distance. carries a Strike Shot, though she doesn’t need the accuracy. Sadly, she is scared to DEATH of monsters, and if any are within 20 feet she is more likely to flee than shoot. She braids her hair out of the left side of her head, says it helps balance when she aims.

Lynne (Alexi’s crush) late 30s, female, a true keeper of the door, she carries with her a key to the door (slight alteration to this side required to activate a portal). She is quick to blush and is easily flustered, but is very polite and kind. She is the greeter and sender for Centari.

Keeper of the Secret: (name unknown) 40s, works in the basement, kind of a creep, has a nasty limp. But he runs the large transport circle.

Across the Mountains

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