Quenthari is another town protected by the Keeper’s and has a Keeper Tower. It is situated on the northern coast and is closest to the ruined city of Tressali a little bit southeast followed by Centari which is a long distance west-southwest.

The town is primarily a fishing town, located in a heavily storm guarded bay allowing for abundant fishing, crabbing and other water crops.

In addition the town has been build ON the water on stilts, using personal boats to move throughout the town. Even the tower is on the water, however it is raised up on a lighthouse like rise, with a dock for access. This was done almost entirely as a defense against the frequent monster attacks (just like the other towns). It is smaller than Centari or Alendi.

Upon entering the town, you’re immediately assaulted by a strong salt odor and the sound of crashing waves. Out to sea you can see the eternal storm raging, but here all is calm. The Keeper’s Tower is on a raised earthen platform with a small segment of attached boardwalks offering the few common shops of the town. A lowered building billowing steam is the local craftsman’s shop, ran by Berni. Nearby is a local goods store, mostly community ran as a storage center for produce and other goods that must be imported. Another larger building is a combination Bar and Docks, lastly are a couple smaller buildings for residents who don’t wish to live with water separating them from the tower (very few here). Out into the lagoon is a huge variety of sizes and shapes of buildings, boat houses, and out-buildings. Each raised on stilts above the water, with a variety of small boats circling. You can also see 10 or so boats floating about out in the lagoon, nets afloat, lines cast, and traps set.

The keepers have VERY few strikeblades and strikeshots (2 of each) offering the only defense against attacks. However, the water has proven a very potent defense. The Master Keeper has a haste blade as well.


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