Halmud Grove


Most folk wouldn’t call this a grove, but rather a forest. It is pretty big, pretty dense, and pretty scary. But it holds nothing to the enormous growth known as the Haunted Woods to the southwest, so they call it a grove.

Halmud’s Grove is located to the west of Halmud. Hunters desperate for real meat (DAMMIT I’M TIRED OF FISH EVERY DAY) either hunt in the plains to the south or in the Grove. It has proven itself full of animal life of all sorts, many of which have shown no qualms with killing an eating a man.

It is known that there is something akin to a pathway going through the center of the grown to the west, it isn’t a road or anything of the sort, but a simpler path than the forest itself and tending towards having open spaces.

Halmud Grove

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