Game Rules

Lifestyle Expenses (157)
Wretched: Free – but you get +1 exhaustion per day on failed DC 15 con check
This is living on the ground with all your gear. You dig through garbage for food. You smell terrible and look like a beggar. Your clothes are torn and ripped and before long your gear will begin to deteriorate.

Squalid: 1 sp per day – Ever 3 + con mod make a DC 15 con check or suffer +1 exhaustion
You have a blanket and sometimes have protection from the weather and every couple days you purchase a loaf of bread. Maybe once a month you bath and shave in the river. Most of the time you look like a begger, and you smell pretty bad.

Poor: 2 sp per day – You have a couple of walls you call your own, and maybe even a portion of a tent to make a roof from the rain. You manage to feed yourself enough to fend off exhaustion but you are still smelly and dirty and receive mostly just disdain from common folk. Your clothes are torn, threadbare, or patched extensively.

Modest: 1 gold per day – Most common, you managed to claim several ruin walls, and either stretched a tarp across to give good cover, or obtained some wood or hay to thatch your roof. You have access to fish and potatoes on top of bread, can bathe when you choose to, and your clothes are not torn, threadbare or patched. You’d fit in with soldiers laborers and fishermen.

Comfortable: 2 gold per day – You own several pairs of clothes, can afford meat from time to time, and are always presentable. You’d fit in well with merchants skilled tradespeople and those in charge of other businesses. You might have 3! whole walls to your house, with roofing to keep out the rain, and maybe even a makeshift wall. You might even have paid to build a new wall on your house. You’re now a potential targets to criminals, and may consider paying The City Guard for protection (1 silver per day)

Wealthy: 4 gp per day – You aren’t nobility, and you aren’t one of the founders of Halmud but you can have meat everyday with some good drink. You’d fit in with many of the heads of the city, and probably attend dinners with several of them on occasion. You can afford to maintain a servant or butler or two to serve you. You’ live in what is effectively a normal house, possibly taken from the ruins that withstood the best, and then completed to your design. Or else have rebuilt a house entirely. You’re quite a target to criminals.

Aristocratic: 10+ gold per day – You are probably one of the founders of halmud, you own many businesses of the town. You’re freaking rich. You’ll probably get robbed some day.

Level 1: Disadvantage on Ability checks
level 2: Speed halved
level 3: Disadvantage on attack rolls and saving throws
level 4: Hit point maximum halved
level 5: speed reduced to 0
level 6: death

Eating + drinking + long rest = exhaustion – 1
1 + con mod days of not eating enough food for a day = +1 exhaustion
Each day of less than half the needed water must succeed DC 15 con save = +1 exhaustion
Less than half = +1 exhaustion automatically.
If already have some exhaustion = +2 automatically.

Game Rules

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