This will be a sub class that will be leveled through ways other than normal xp. Probably through questing and research and exploration.

Taking your first level (and beyond) in Wizard (when I tell you to).

It will be fairly similar to the wizard class from the Player’s Handbook, with many of the character leveling up stuff taken out and only the wizardy stuff left in. I will also be taking spells from all classes (like the heal spell is technically a cleric spell).

No HP gain.

You do not get to Choose spells.

You will not know any Cantrips.

You Will have the number of allowed prepared Spells and Number of slots indicated below:

Magic classes like druid and bard are one level higher than below would indicate.

300 xp 1st level: One (1) 1st level spell slot, one prepared spell
900 xp 2nd: Two (2) 1st level spell slots, prepared slots = int mod (miniumum of 1) + 1
2700 xp 3rd: 2 1st level spells slots, 1 2nd level spell slot, prepared slots = 2 + int mod and get to choose your Arcane Tradition (specialize in a school and a style)
6500 xp 4th: 4 1st level spell slots, 2 2nd level spell slots, prepared = 3 + int mod

Wizard Schools:

Abjuration: Magic that blocks, banishes, and protects. Level 3: Upon casting any spell, also able to cast an arcane ward on yourself that absorbs Wiz level + caster stat worth of damage before fading away.

Conjuration: Create objects and creatures. Level 3: Can conjure an inanimate object that is nonmagical and less than 10 pounds lasting one hour or damaged.

Divination: Sees the past and future. Level 3: After every long rest roll 2 d20s, you can use those dice up to replace any rolled d20s.

Enchantment: Entrancing and beguiling. Level 3: Can enthrall another creature, makes wis DC check and on fail is charmed meaning 0 speed, dazed and incapacitated. Must be maintained.

Evocation: Combat magic. Level 3: AoE spells you cast can allow certain creatures to take no damage from affect.

Illusion: Tricks and mind magic. Level 3: Gain minor illusion spell and can cast limitlessly and more powerfully.

Necromancy: Life, death and undeath. Level 3: Killing creatures with magic regains hp equal to twice the spell’s level.

Transmutation: Modifying matter and energy. Level 3: Can transmute an one material into another ( lead into gold and the such) for 1 hour.

You obtain new spells either from quests that obtain spells and doing research on appropriate topics.

I am on the fence on whether you will gain the “Arcane Recovery” trait.

Your spell save DCs will probably be the same as the books, 8 + proficiency + int mod
Your chance to hit with spells is also the same, proficiency + int mod (for wizard spells)

Ritual spells will still exist, though some spells might be ONLY rituals.

ALL spells are wizard spells, including cleric spells, druids, rangers and paladins, but I’ll be choosing spells, and will be pretty much ignoring which classes the handbook says get them…. However casting cleric spells might use a DIFFERENT mod, like wisdom.

At the moment I MIGHT be ok with the schools present, they are things like Illusion and evocation and divination. They pretty much give some free abilities that fit the feel of the school (illusion gives you some free illusion stuff and makes your illusions better)


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