Unbelievable Relic


Dorian has recently returned from somewhere bearing an “unbelievable relic” which has sprouted rumors throughout the settlement. That said, no one has actually claimed to have seen this “relic” always referencing a friend of a friend, as rumors always seem to do.

It’s a sword, a spear, a greatsword the size of two men. None of that is too fantastical. But every rumor keeps going, it floats, it fights on it’s own, it can cut through armor like paper, It is as light as a feather, it glows in the dark! It is made of some unknown material, it is impossibly sharp, it is cursed, anyone who touches it becomes immortal, It always points towards the north. Well, those are the rumors anyway.

Dorian claims that he found this item, and that there is more to be found.

Attuned to Thunderwave a 1st level spell.

Charges: 8/10

Unbelievable Relic

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