The City Guard


“The City Guard” is not paid for by the Settlement of Halmud. It is not legitimately supported by Halmud, nor is it formally condoned by those of the settlement claiming to be it’s leaders.

Effectively, a group of toughs, ruffians, soldiers and thieves formed a group that would go around to anyone they felt had money, and demand said money from them. They said in exchange they would receive “protection” from dangers. This was how it started, and there was outrage. However there really wasn’t anyone to fight back against them, especially during the chaos of the first year.

By the second year of Halmud, no one was outraged, and every person with much to lose paid their fees. This was because The area around Halmud is dangerous, and the animals seem to have no fear of man. Attacks happened occasionally, and someone would be found dead overnight, clearly torn apart by wolf, or something worse. And so it came to pass that “The City Guard” actually began to do more good that bad. They realized quickly that destroying a merchant’s good who didn’t pay wasn’t good for business in a settlement out on it’s own. And in many cases, that merchant DID get robbed by some thief, or that part of town started to feel a lack of Guard presence and began to fear creatures beginning to push back towards the city, and so that merchant would be pressured by his peers to pay the price.

Any other group probably would have pushed to hard, or asked too much, or damaged/broke to much. But these people weren’t experienced crime lords, and many weren’t criminals at all but mercenaries and soldiers with a sprinkle of criminal pasts. And so the price they asked was reasonable, and the effort to defend the city they put forth was acceptable. Other groups were also not lead by Commander Ashley.

Commander Ashley started this group and continues to run it. And everyone knows that she controls it with a tenacious and intelligent grip. And so, as Halmud continues to survive, part of it must be granted to the help of the independent city guard watching it’s borders. One only wonders what would happen if someone else tried to step in on this game, or if Ashley chose to expand her reach into other activities…

The City Guard

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