Dorian’s Blade Charges: 0

Musket Firebolt shots: 5

Odd Box in the Crates

1 Firestarter

Odd desk built into the lighthouse wall, it has “push-ems”

Lighthouse light?


You found 2 small hand-held devices that you’ve learned how to trigger. They seem to be related to mining, Quage broke one trying to investigate how it works. ALL GONE

Mage Hand Gloves

A Spear that Llewelyn has. Charges: ?

Morradin Marked Mace Charges: ?

Fire Brand Cast burning hands, you guys have at least one, maybe two?

Strike Shot are bullets for rifles that cast true strike (advantage) like strike blades.

Vinescreepers are bullets usually for pistols that cast ensnare (single target entangle)

Strike Blade are swords typically that cast true strike (advantage)

The above are the more common relics that the keepers know of and uses. There are a couple others that are extremely rare but are held by a select few of the keepers (you saw the master keeper of Centari use a blade that seemed to make him very agile and fast.)

In addition you have found several other relics that you haven’t seen anyone else having.

A thin white shirt (stained a bit yellow and brown now) that casts Stone Skin.

A intricate and carefully crafted dagger, which casts invisibility.

A mounted gun that seems to spew fire (it casts scorching ray page 273)


Remnants of the Mana War Capaal Capaal