Factions are powerful organizations that the party have either helped, hindered, or might meet soon. As you help./hinder a faction your “standing” will change with them. This is really just a convenient way to describe how well you get along and what you might gain from them.


Keepers of the Door —> Friendly, In Debt(to you)

Alendi —> Known, except Seamus which is disliked.

Townmasters —> Disliked (You failed a big job)

The City Guard —> Known, except Faldir which is Liked.

Standard Standings:

Mortal Enemy: They will hunt you, forever.

Hated: They will likely attack you on sight and will help you in no ways if possible.

Disliked: You’ve done something annoying, expect animosity, or purposely spite-ing you.

Unknown: They don’t know of you, and don’t care about you. Good for people who will hate you…

Known,: But neutrally indifferent.

Liked: They are friendly and courteous, will offer jobs, or be more likely to trust you.

Respected: First chance at jobs, discounts and favors. Will help feed/bed/hide you if necessary, assuming it does not put them in danger.

Trusted and Valued: Close friends, probably honorary members. This organization will probably do a lot for you.

Extra Standings:

In Debt: The faction owes you a favor.

Feared: They don’t necessarily know you, like you or hate you, but they do fear you.

In Awe: You’ve done something big and your name is getting around, but they don’t necessarily trust or like you, or hate you.


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