A support class that specializes in crafting and using lost relics and technology.

This class will be INCREDIBLY dependent on gather materials and goods. As well as doing quests to obtain the things you need.

Level 1: 300 xp
Proficiency bonus to use relics. So, if it is a relic longsword, and you are trained in longswords (and level 1 engineer) you can use your prof bonus. Rifles take prof with a REASONABLE ranged weapon. Really odd relics you probably won’t gain prof bonus.

level 2: 900 xp
Proficiency bonus added when researching relics that are basic and advanced, also CHOOSE a focus. Focuses seen below, choose one.

level 3: 2700 xp:
Specialization in your focus! We’ll talk about a a bonus to your FOCI that you’re happy with. So maybe for Maker, you’re super good at salvaging parts from things. Or for archaeologist, you’ve got a natural knack for finding relics.

As you obtain levels in this (Probably through a system NOT based on combat xp) you will become more capable in using relics, understanding them, repairing them, upgrading, altering, and crafting new ones.

I don’t really expect everyone to take this class, or many levels in it. If EVERYONE does, there will probably be far less supplies for everyone to work with, however, then you can work together to make the best stuff, and everyone will be able to use them well.

At level 2 or maybe a bit later, there will be a school choice. It will be a choice related to specialization that makes you better at certain things (but not really any drawbacks). Not set on what the choices will be. But probably something like archaeologist, grenadier, maker, battlemage, and swordmage. Not super set or happy with all the names…


Archaeologist: At level 2 you gain the ability to choose the order of the five dice you roll when researching relics. You guys might not understand this fully at the moment, but basically the order of the dice (and if the rolls are good enough) define what you learn from the relic. So if you’re REALLY interesting in extracting the particular spell from a relic, you can put your best roll there. You also know what each roll will teach you if you succeed. For non-advanced relics instantly know how to use, and advantage on knowing what it does.

Grenadier: Ranged relic specialist, at level 2 has a 50% chance to not waste ranged ammunitions on use (assuming you have time to attempt to recover the shots) this includes both bullets and grenades. Advantage on knowing what ranged items do and how to use them.

Maker: At level 2 Advantage on reasearching objects to learn how to make the item (1 of the 5 rolls) And advantage on the checks to create/fix the item.

Relic Killer: Counter RELIC specialist. At level 2 you can use your reaction to stop a relic’s activation if you’re in melee. (and capable of doing things)

Swordmage: At level 2 gain the ability to control the spells contained within your blades. Allowing you to shape your AoE attacks to hit only foes, or only in a straight line (but longer) Also allows range attacks with single target blade skills.

As clarification, if you wanted to be, say, a maker, you would not NEED to be a wizard as well (to imbue spells into a repaired relic sword, for example), you’d just need to be able to prep the weapon, and another person could do the ritual to imbue the spell. I’m thinking doing it yourself would probably be better in some way maybe…


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