Dorian's Expedition


You’ve heard that Dorian has returned with some Unbelievable Relic on some seemingly suicidal trek out into the wild. And now he is calling for a group of brave men and women to step forward and join him on a more detailed search.

You don’t really know much about his call for fellows. You don’t know where he is going, what kind of experience he is looking for, or what exactly he expects to find. You don’t know if this will be dangerous, though it is certainly assumed as it must be outside the settlement walls.

You do know that he is offering an enormous sum of 40 gold upon completion of the expedition and that anyone who is interested should come to a stall just off to the north of market square at 10 am on the morning of 3/20/2 (3rd month, 20th day, 2nd year).

Dorian's Expedition

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