In his 40’s, full head of hair, and a bit eccentric. Since arriving in Halmud on one of the first boats he immediately started exploring building after building. Seeming unhappy with ever ruined hut he entered people assumed he was just looking for the best of the best to claim. However, despite claiming a substantial sized hut, Dorian has spent a surprisingly small amount of time living in it.

He first spent a good deal of time exploring every bit of the town as people would let him in to see. After boring of this, he wandered out of the city. Time and time again some of the “city guards” saved him from certain death from one pack of animals or another. These near death experiences didn’t seem to scare him, because once his wounds healed he went right back outside.

No one really knows what he lives off of. He seems to know how to travel light and live light, but is known to but rarely visit the market to buy the fish and potatoes the rest of the town is forced to live off of. And if he did, the question of where he got any money would be raised. As it is, there are rumors that he has a secret patron keeping him alive. Others say he is going deeper into dept with some unsavory types.

Dorian has recently returned from somewhere bearing an “unbelievable relic” which has sprouted rumors throughout the settlement. That said, no one has actually claimed to have seen this “relic” always referencing a friend of a friend, as rumors always seem to do. None-the-less, Dorian currently has the entire town’s focus at the moment. Except for the fishermen, they’ll have to get back into town before the hear about it.


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