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  • Unbelievable Relic

    [[Relics | PREVIOUS (RELICS)]] Dorian has recently returned from somewhere bearing an “unbelievable relic” which has sprouted rumors throughout the settlement. That said, no one has actually claimed to have seen this “relic” always referencing a friend …

  • Relics

    [[Main Page | PREVIOUS (MAIN PAGE)]] [[Unbelievable Relic | Dorian's Blade]] Charges: 0 [[Peninsula Ruins Musket | Musket]] Firebolt shots: 5 [[Peninsula Ruins Box | Odd Box in the Crates]] 1 [[Peninsula Ruins Firelighter | Firestarter]] [[ …

  • Peninsula Ruins Box

    [[Lighthouse Ruins | PREVIOUS (LIGHTHOUSE RUINS)]] A hard metal box that is about 1/2 foot by 1/2 foot. It clearly has a lock on the front of a fairly usual appearance. On top of the box are words engraved in a language.

  • Peninsula Ruins Musket

    [[Relics | PREVIOUS (RELICS)]] Llewellyn did some research, and found that this object can apparently project spells a distance. It uses the small cylindrical objects found with it, of which there are limited number of. It is unknown how the object …

  • Peninsula Ruins Light

    [[Relics | PREVIOUS (RELICS)]] Discovered to maybe be the light source of the lighthouse? It is a fairly large object, taking 3 people to move it around. It seems to have some sort of crystal at the center, surrounded by metals and glass. Not …

  • Peninsula Ruins Binoculars

    [[Relics | PREVIOUS (RELICS)]] Devices that go over the eyes and allow the user to see much greater distances. Dubbed "far-see-ums" by Faldir. [[File:373534 | class=media-item-align-left | 600px | far-see-ums__binoculars_.jpg]]

  • Moradin Mace

    [[Relics | PREVIOUS (RELICS)]] A mace covered with symbols and glyphs similar to many that represent Moradin and his followers. It is clearly a mace, though ancient of make. It is forged of good quality metal, though it does have some odd shapes and …

  • Sanctuary Spear

    [[Relics | PREVIOUS (RELICS)]] It is a battered and beaten up spear. It has a focus attuned to the first level spell [[Sanctuary]]. Nothing is skylyr. Charges: ?/10

  • Mage Hand Gloves

    [[Relics | PREVIOUS (RELICS)]] These gloves are laced with ''Skylyr" throughout the knuckles. The gloves seem to allow the user to lift small objects and move them around, how much, how many times, and how far is still unknown.

  • Treasure Map

    [[Rumors and Job Board | Previous (quests and rumors)]] Tulli's Relic Emporium is apparently selling a "treasure map" you haven't seen it, you don't know what it is, or what it might lead to. For all you know this is a scrap of trash with some …

  • Alpha Squad

    [[People | Previous (people)]] A mysterious group which rode into Alendi to join the king's match on centari. They wield shockingly powerful gear and come from somewhere unknown.