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  • Relics

    [[Main Page | PREVIOUS (MAIN PAGE)]] [[Unbelievable Relic | Dorian's Blade]] Charges: 0 [[Peninsula Ruins Musket | Musket]] Firebolt shots: 5 [[Peninsula Ruins Box | Odd Box in the Crates]] 1 [[Peninsula Ruins Firelighter | Firestarter]] [[ …

  • Peninsula Ruins Light

    [[Relics | PREVIOUS (RELICS)]] Discovered to maybe be the light source of the lighthouse? It is a fairly large object, taking 3 people to move it around. It seems to have some sort of crystal at the center, surrounded by metals and glass. Not …

  • Peninsula Ruins Binoculars

    [[Relics | PREVIOUS (RELICS)]] Devices that go over the eyes and allow the user to see much greater distances. Dubbed "far-see-ums" by Faldir. [[File:373534 | class=media-item-align-left | 600px | far-see-ums__binoculars_.jpg]]