Remnants of the Mana War

Thomas's Campfire Tale

Thomas tells a bit of his tale one night over food during Dorian’s Expedition…

“My Story? Well, I was born into a wealthy enough family. We had some money and land, and a prosperous plot territory to do well for the town. But I was only 6 when the siege on Morradin began. I didn’t realize what was going on at the time. Some funny looking man in black robes showed up to town, a town meeting was arranged, and then all the men and women who weren’t old or children up and left town without so much as a word.”

Here Thomas stares off into space for a short bit before coming back to himself and continues.

“Well, I know what that was all about now. None-the-less, neither of my parents came back home. Those few who did were either not sane, or seriously wounded. It wasn’t long before the remaining members of our fair town began to pack up and move out to other villages nearby, hoping to find refuge in numbers, or perhaps relatives living there. I was taken under by Ar-Armsmen, my father’s Armsmen, who took care of me while I was still young, and trained me on surviving and the art of battles and war.”

“We traveled the land making a living usually as Mercenaries and bodyguards. But eventually I turned 18 and got the thought into my head that my father’s land and money should be my own. Of course our manor was destroyed, everything raided, a town hardly stood there now, and no one cared who I claimed to be nor acknowledged any of my rights.”

“Really that’s most of my story, I continued surviving as best I could and continued trying to sue my case for my lands to everyone of power my family had connections with or not. I’d pretty much gave up by the time I heard of this expedition to this southern continent and decided that maybe here I’d be able to make my own mark and perhaps even rebuild my name.”

“Anyway, yeah, thats more story, or at least the short version of it. Though there isn’t really much more of interest to tell. I’ve seen some terribly things in battle and not, and I’ve worked for both some wonderful and some terrible people. But I do want to say one last thing.”

“Once we’re done with this here trip, we should try to stay in touch. You know, let me know how to find you or something. That way if anyone hears of another job it won’t be impossible to find some experienced hands. I’m also trying to put together my own band of fellow mercenaries who’d be available to do this job or that if anyone is interested…”


Capaal Capaal

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