Remnants of the Mana War

Remembering the Roadmap of Recent Roamings

Or: Hey, Remember This?

A little under three years ago explorers from the Northern Continent, primarily from Moradin, traveled through the permanent magic killing storms of the straights blocking passage to the southern continent. After losing a huge number of ships and passengers on the ride over around 500 survivors landed on the relatively safe cove that would be named Halmud. Unexpectedly, they also stumbled upon an ancient and decrepit sandstone city. There was no sign of citizens, nor much of anything beyond tumbled buildings and the remains of streets and a collapsed bridge.

Two years passed where the travelers struggled to build an economy to survive upon. Two Factions formed within the city soon after arrival. The Townmasters, who were the owners of the boats and everything valuable on them, and The City Guard who formed as a band of mercenaries to defend the city from the constant monster attacks against its citizens. The few missions sent outside the city’s land typically never returned, and those that did told tales of frightful beasts, monsters, ghosts and death. Farming was a constant struggle as the only usable land was substantially outside the walls. Metal sources were non-existent, lumber could only be salvaged from the boats for a limited time. The only truly successful endeavor of the city was fishing.

Then Dorian the explorer returns from an endeavor talking about an ancient building and impossible relics of power. He formed a band including our unlikely “heroes” and went exploring. Relics were found, including proof that the ancient civilization combined magic with technology to create items more powerful than Moradin ever had. The party began seeking riches and power (or being good people?) left town towards the mountains to save some foolish miners. They stumbled upon an ancient mine and discovered more items of power. And also fearsome and unnatural creatures.

Somewhere during sometime was also an adventure into a cliff in a cliff in the water in a cliff or something.

The party returned to Halmud to discover their friend Dorian beaten and robbed of the relics he had found at the lighthouse. Tracking down the culprits led to a group of 5 Moradinites and their church. Inside was a secret underground lab of other relics and some sort of communication with a mysterious “Balthazar”. But before much was learned of these new relics, or of this Balthazar the party fled the town of Halmud, probably because they murdered 4 of the 5 Moradinites who ran the church.

The party fled south towards rumors of an ancient tower on a lake and possibly more clues about whatever past society might have lived on this continent. Along the way led to an unbelievably dead parcel of land stretching miles, and within its center a verdant and beautiful grove home to a giant of some sort. Eventually the party reached the tower, fought a bunch of crazy flying fire and ice things, saw Faldir tortured, Quage dead, and the rest of the party accidentally teleported to the other side of the mountains.

The other side was a bit more friendly, with a organization calling themselves the keepers of the door who control the ability to teleport people and objects between ancient towers. The tower gets attacked by a crazy giant monster thing, which turned out to be from an only slightly old (but very large and filled with relics) laboratory that appeared to be building monsters to attack the towers for who knows what reasons. Faldir fled from the party after pissing them off too much, and A new number blew himself (herself?) up trying to save an evil monster spawning tree.

The party went to Alendi to rescue the Master Keeper of the tower town of Alendi who’s self-proclaimed king was plotting to take control of the town’s tower.

The party was then asked to escort three keepers to Alendi by land through orc controlled territory so that they can try to wrest control of the tower back under the Keeper’s control.

TLDR: Halmud formed, lighthouse ruins —> proof of ancient relics, mines —> More relics/magic —> undead?, tower —> Quage disappears —> Portal to other side of mountains, People! They use relics and teleport —> Ahhh monsters!!!, visit Alendi and rescue Keepers, Crazy laboratory making monsters? —> Evil tree!!! —> Explosion, several more deaths, Escort keepers through orc lands.


Capaal Capaal

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