Remnants of the Mana War

Marky Mark talks to a Captivated Audience

Marky Mark finishes gulping down his soup. He finishes it faster than anyone else at the bar counter, you’d wonder if he even tastes it. But no, nothing matters to Marky Mark except telling the story to his captivated audience around him. So he slides away his bowl, wets his lips from the ale in front of him, and jumps right back into his story that the meal just interrupted.

So there I was, front of the crowd, up against this new gallows them townmasters just built up. And you should have SEEN this monstrosity, I could have built my house several times over with the wood and cloth draped over this thing, and still been able to add a second floor!

And then, only a bit a time afore the hanging was to be, the Townmasters come prancing out with their bloodied and beat up captive and no less than 6 guards, yes mates, 6! It was like this here prisoner was the most dangerous man in town, even hands bound behind his back. But I guess in the end he must have been that dangerous…

But the guards! By the gods, they hired a band of bloody mercenaries to hold this man hostage. 6 in total I saw, and two of them the most fearsome of fiends I ever did see. One, a man with no weapon or armor, but you could tell he’d take your head off without a weapon, or a thought of your wife and children. And the other was the most frightening woman This side of that of the strait. Short she may have been, but the muscles on her outmatched any man there, and the sword she carried was the biggest brute, I don’t know if anyone else could carry that damned thing around.

So here they’s come, marching out in some fancy formation, spears a swinging and jabbing all the way around as they pushed their way through the crowd. I think if any more of the town had been there already, someone woulda gotten stabbed and a riot start before any more twas to happen.

Here Marky Mark stops, and finishes his ale. The men and women around him finally finishing their own soups. But they couldn’t be any more enganged. It takes only a couple seconds of silence before one of them realizes Marky Mark’s drink is empty, and buys him another.

Ahhh, thats a good drink. So here these brutes push their way through the crowd and up this monstrosity of a gallows. Around this here time, the fatest man I ever did see, except for maybe my uncle Gerrold, came up right near next to me, cleared his throat, and started giving some speech! Everyone was in shock, and no one came out of it. The words struck me in my heart, my brethren, and had me hanging on every word. When he finally finished I think I might have done anything for this man, but instead he looked sadly up onto the stage and seemed inclined to wait and see. So the rest of us waited as well.

Soon, “Lord” Jerico stepped forward and gave a sorry comparison of a speech, I’m sorry, but I can’t repeat it now, it was lost to me and many around me.

And then he stepped aside, waved his hand, and the lever was pulled. And that was it, the man was hanged before us all. And then the rope snapped! Aye, broke several feet above the man’s head it did. I was ready to see a man with a bow nearby, come to rescue this man,. I don’t know what I expected, but the guards on top seemed to expect some treachery as they immediately launched themselves after the fallen prisoner.

Shock broke through the crowd, but no one knew how to respond, only seconds passed before figures started dashing out from under the gallows and pushing their way through the crowds. People started to push and crowd, and then scream and run in different directions. Some pushed towards the gallows they did! Crying that this hanging was un-just, and the man did not deserve to die. Others fled towards the exits, but this only caused more chaos and panic. Soon four guards with spears started pushing and shoving into the crowds.

And then, my brothers, the screams. Oh the terror that noise brought into that day. The cry of fear, the cry of blood, the cry of pain shot through the crowd. And then followed pure insanity. I twice saw a spear nearly end my life, I did, to one of those blood thirsty mercenaries they hired. But other’s blood they did spill that day.

As the crowd finally fled the destruction, I remained, unwilling to let the end of this tragedy be forgotten. A Woman cried nearby over a corpse lying in a puddle of blood. The Townmasters stood in shock, before screaming and crying in anger at the blood soaked mercenaries nearby. And then Commander Ashley strode into the square with the prisoner ’imself dragged behind her, dead he clearly was. She declared the crime paid for, but at a price far too high. And then sent her men to care for the wounded.

I’ve never seen such a glorious woman in my life, I haven’t. And thats the tale, my brothers, But I don’t think it to be the end of this tragic tale.


Capaal Capaal

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