Remnants of the Mana War

Johnny's Diary

Month 4, Day 1 of Halmud being suttled upon.

First this ain’t no diary, ets a JOURNAL. Second of all, imma keepin it for so i ken practice my words. I think Mallony innit given me all thats my dew for my fishin and for me work. Afters a bits a practice I am gonna get a right good contrect written up and hes gonna sign it and make all clear who gets where when how’in what.

But that innit what i be written here today for. I just wanta keep track of my days to days happenins and whatsuch. Today I went fishin, like I usually is want to do for my bread and potatos. I pulled 3 full strings in of right fine fleeters and fatfish, Mallony done pay 8 silver 6 copper. I bit it so I know ets good. Tomorrows I might talk tos some o the others and see whats and hows Mallony pays for whats they gets.

Went a wetted me whistle at the Cap, he was already pretty far gone he was. Seein im just reminds me more of the old Sallyhaws.

Month 4, Day 5 of Halmud being suttled upon.

Is asked da other mates i know what Mallony does pay them for a haul a fish and the whatsuch. They gets nearabouts the same i does, so maybes Mallony ain’t treatin me so bads as I thinkin he might was.

Went out fishin again, but done find a new cove to try me luck. It is out a fair bit more than I is want to be, but the water be as calm as a trade wind gone sour. Did see a sight of something fancy, like a cove or some such whatnot. I thought maybes to pull in and see a sight when a cry of caws n screeching echoed from inside, they did. I left, but did see that there es a cliff in the cliff in the water in the cliff there is.

Month 4, Day 6 of Halmud being suttled upon.

I met a fine pair o blokes just today. Seemed mighty inteerestted by me talk of the cliff in the cliff in the water in the cliff they do. So I told them all about it and got a fair number of drinks in the telling I did. Nows they wanna go to et emselves. I said for the two I can do but they wannit happy and needed a bigger boat. So here I em, bein some kind of travel agent for em and getting paid good gold to do et.

Month 4, Day 7 of Halmud being suttled upon.

Is got a boat for em blokes who wanna see the cliff in the cliff in the water in the cliff. My friend Barney has gots a nice big scooner of a plank ta carry us all out n see whats in there. Strange crew we brought aboard, they were. Seems all to be fighter types maybes, cept for the big one and the squirrelly one. Full gold an 5 silver theys be payin me just to follow along they are. Is be a right lot interrestted by the cove meself sos I feel alsmost like I em takin the money. Barney gettin a right big haul he is, cant not believe these blokes agreed on 4 gold.

Month 4, Day 8 of Halmud being suttled upon.

I dun no if i can be writing this long. theys werent no friends, they wasn’ts. We saw somethin impresseve we did and den this monk like fellow tried to kill me he did. Knife right in me throat, and no hes been outside me house n everywhere.

There werent none gold or none treasure that i saw. But HUGE horse eagle bird that done attack from the skies. Also was a trove of plants and trees. I was stunned by the beauty o da place, but it has lost ets sparkle whiles I wait for me death.


Damn. Shouldn’t have left early.

Johnny's Diary
Capaal Capaal

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