Remnants of the Mana War

Dorian's Expedition for Artifact Recovery (Day 2 & 3)

Discussions of wolves brought up details such as their sudden disappearance into a blue ethereal mist upon physical contact. There were real wolves attacking with them as well.

Continuation into town beside the steep cliff of the inlet.

Up north, an ‘eternally-raging’ storm grumbles over the water.

Discuss the woods that are further to the south are called the “haunted woods”.

Speaking of the artifacts, the topic turns to the legend of “Excelsior”, the glowing sword- suggesting that this sword is one in the same.

Dorian and Thomas have an in-depth conversation about the peculiarity of the wolves.
Everyone eats and rests peacefully. -1 ration for all

Faldir, Dorian, & Llewellyn study the cylinder. Glass, metal cylinder comes to a point in the center with a small object held between it.
Faldir attempts to remove the relic held between, but Dorian appears to care greatly about the containing structure as well. Digging and brushing dirt away to further unearth the glass column proceeds by Dorian, Roland, & Llewellyn.
Faldir takes some time to make a detailed drawing of the gem and the surrounding glass columns.

Tiny graveyard can be seen just downhill from the camp’s location. Llewellyn makes her way toward the gravestones after making affectionate gestures toward Dorian.

Faldir investigates the surrounding parts of the building, examining a desk-like structure. After running his hands along the top of its chiseled stone surface, he discovers some sort of “push-em” device that retracts and returns after being pushed inward.

Dorian, Roland, & Wolfram give a good go at lifting the entire column/object off the ground. Investigations ensue on the part of many: Wolfram tried but seemed to get distracted easily;

Faldir continues searching through the desk drawers, finding an object with a wooden handle with a metal rod. The metal is very peculiar, speckled and cold. He places the rod into holes on the top of the desk to no avail. Crates stored next to the desk contain almost nothing aside from a small, dirty wooden box with vaguely familiar engravings. It has a lock but Faldir can do nothing to open it. He tells Dorian of his great find before venturing with Quage to get a good overview of the area.

Llewellyn talks about the dead storage to Dorian, and Wolfram suggests digging the bodies up for study of racial heritage. Hesitant and unenthusiastic at first, Dorian eventually encourages Roland and Llewellyn to investigate the graveyard/stones more. Roland tries to pick apart the language, but doesn’t get too far, saying vaguely that they are familiar but unplaceable (likely to avoid sounding incompetent by admitting lack of knowledge).

Wolfram suddenly gets the urge to dig up bodies, for scientific purposes, but Llewellyn stops him and offers to first teach the appropriate prayers before.

Roland, Wolfram, and Dorian all sit around staring at the gem-like relic. Roland becomes frustrated after failing to maintain his calm.

Faldir and Quage try to gauge the distance to the next building by pseudo-measuring from the top of the hill. As Quage runs to the bottom of the hill to “help” Faldir with his calculations, Faldir quickly digs a shallow hole in which he buries the small wooden box he found earlier. After marking the area, he call Quage back and finishes his sketch of the area.

Roland and Llewellyn purge the grave, finding another wooden/metal rod and some silver & copper coins. They investigate the rod’s metal, Llewellyn recognizing by the difficult to pronounce “Skylyr” nomenclature. Roland breaks off and tosses a finger bone into the air and subsequently into his pocket.

Wolfram appears to get 1 silver and 1 copper, Llewellyn 6 silver and 19 copper. They do not bring this up with the rest, excepting Roland who walks away taking none.

A discussion of the metal is risen amongst Llewellyn and others. Thomas cooks for all and receives mediocre reviews. (-1 rations for all).

Talking about plans for tomorrow, arguments begin about whether to stay here and study or continue on toward the next building. Roland tosses his stolen finger at Dorian who is stunned and tosses it back to Roland. Feeling a little foolish, Roland discards the bone finger.

A night of sleep prepares us all for the following day.

Dorian awakes first, and the others rise to the smell of a great breakfast cooked by Wolfram.

Wolfram and Dorian examine the column intently again for a good while.

Roland walks off with Faldir to retrieve the discarded empty box, believing it to have worthwhile markings or value. They venture to the north-east of the “crystal tower”.

Dorian argues with Llewellyn about leaving the area, finally being convinced by Llewellyn to head to the next building.

Roland begins to doubt Faldir, but after trying to find the box, Faldir finds a sort of wooden trap door-type chest. Within, a wooden box is hidden, partially carved up against the “crystal tower’s” wall. Upon opening the box, Faldir & Roland find another object, set within a soft, squishy material, mostly metal with a wooden portion. There are metallic objects also stored within the squishy stuff. Certainly the discovery of another great artifact!

In a flash of brilliance, Dorian realizes that the tower must be a “light house” set up to alert ships of incoming cliffs.

After showing the rest of the party the object and its box, Llewellyn states that the smaller objects are crafted of “Skylyr”, but the primary artifact is not. Dorian expresses great excitement at the greater understanding and finding of these ancient artifacts. Roland remains skeptical about the light-producing capabilities of the column.

Thomas barks up on behalf of Archibald, encouraging another to take watch over the campsite or at least inform him of their departure. Dorian suggests that we utilize a box of animal hides that have been tanned, but to what use he does not illuminate.

Thomas takes initiative and directs the crew northeastward. After about a halfway march,

Dorian stops us all and quietly explains that we may be in a situation that we will run into sentient creatures, which Dorian believes we will be able to bribe with the tanned hides.

Llewellyn spots recently built structures of wood attached onto the stone masonry. Faldir keeps a vigilant eye along the entire way, and spots a few “gobbler-wobblers” running through the grass. Killing one in spectacular fashion, Faldir remains on his game as Quage collects the fowl.

As we approach the encampment, a figure seems to rise to the top of the wall. Surprise runs through us all as we realize the goblin staring blankly at us over the wall!

Roland and Llewellyn contemplate running, but Faldir and Thomas encourage the team to push forward, opening opportunities for examination and parley. Llewellyn uses words no one can understand, but gives an impression of turning around.

Climbing over the encampment, we spot one goblin roasting a few “bouncers” and many others turn to us and grab their weapons. Llewellyn slams her axe into the ground and opens her arms in an opening gesture. The cooking goblin runs off, but the others leer at us shiftily.

Thomas tries to initiate a deal involving the hides and “gobbler-wobbler”, but no one understands what they say back, though they make a motioning backward as if to bring the leader. Faldir remains vigilant in case of sudden violence, protecting the crew from any danger.

Three goblins return with the original fleeing goblin, one of them a highly-decorated she-goblin. Several horribly goblin-squawk-filled moments go-by, but the language barrier hinders any understanding for us. But shortly after, she begins speaking in the Nobilese tongue- bits and peices beings “travellers”, “trespassing”, “food”, “danger”.

Faldir manages to communicate brokenly with the she-goblin, bringing tensions down to a more peaceful degree. He continues trying to negotiate a deal where the hides are given to allow us to search the area for objects of interest. They are convinced of our archaeological intent.

She sends a goblin to a crate, returning with a metallic device that has two cylinders that are attached to one another. Faldir deftly negotiates for the trading of all hides and the gobbler-wobbler in order to receive the object. More communication ensues, but nothing big comes of it aside from a potential trading opportunity.

Faldir tries to hunt some game on the way back to the campsite, but misses his shot at a presumed wobbler-gobbler. Upon retreiving the bolt, he gets savagely attacked by some sort of prairie cat, hence-named “grass-cat”, rendering him instantly unconscious. Faldir sees the hazy shadows of his companions rush to his fallen side moments before everything fades to black.

Roland tried to tame the beast with his bare hands, grappling the grass-cat but failing to maintain his grip. A successfully landed stab and punch later, and the cat begins to fear the group.

The spoken words of Wolfram seem to be heard by Faldir coming through a long cavernous hallway, distant and difficult to focus on. As his booming voice continues, the rythmic syllables give Faldir something tangible to try and bring his mind back to the moment.

Moments of the fight are very foggy, and my memory does not serve me here.

Whimpering sounds and spurts of blood from the involved parties paint the scene in a vicious light, as the largest of our crew falls to the ground by Faldir’s side.

Waking up around the campfire, Faldir is told the happenings of the battle against the grass-cat. Apparently Llewellyn managed to bandage up his wounds and keep him from bleeding out. Quage expresses great interest in the bones, meat, & skin of the grass-cat, having hauled the partially-beheaded carcass back to the campsite.

Llewellyn examines the double-cylinder object, discovering their amazing power to increase vision distance. These “far-see-um”s allow the sighting of things from much further away.

Dorian is impressed by the technology, but Llewellyn attempts to negotiate the acquisition of said item instead of the contractual obligation to turn over all goods to the Company.

Thomas and Faldir go to the top of the hill and attempt to use the “far-see-ums” to discern what the goblins in the distance are occupied with. It would seem primarily they maintain their walls with hides and cooking food. Weapons are at least not prominently utilized.

Roland and Quage venture off into the plain, sighting another grass-cat moving through the growth. They move away from the beast, fearing a battle as vicious as the last. A bit more searching, and they happen across another small dog-like creature with a long bushy tail, named “tail-dog”. Roland quickly dispatches the animal with his peculiar throwing dagger, the kunai.


TECHNICALLY Day 1 and 2 were travelling days? So these were days 3 and 4?

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