Remnants of the Mana War

Dorian's Expedition for Artifact Recovery (Day 1)

  • Motley crew of oddly-skilled individuals chosen by Dorian ventures forth from Halmud (_see map on page 12)
  • Travel goes slowly with Wolfram having to stop often to catch his breath.
  • A spry squirrel seems very comfortable with Quage, spending a good amount of time simply sitting on his shoulder during the trek, one would almost entertain the possibility of domestication after seeing the display.
  • The group passes several rams on the city outskirts, nicknamed “Wolf Rams”, but are warned by Dorian of their dangerous nature when a herd is frightened.
  • The shortest member of the party, Llewellyn, shows off a drawing to Dorian of some weapon, perhaps her idea of what the artifact could be, though her words fall somewhat short. (accompanied by short transcript & rough sketch of a double-sided battleaxe, possibly named ‘Dragonstummer’)
  • Small heated argument between Dorian and Archibald takes place about route & speed (followed by transcript w/ gestural description)
  • Wolfram cooks a delightful meal for everyone around the fire, Dorian approves highly of its quality. (-1 ration for all)
  • Quage ventures into the woods in seek of inkcaps and other natural supplies while the others set up camp.
  • Discussion between Roland and Dorian about the artifact, (accompanied by a one-sided transcript, detailing Dorian’s description of a sword that glowed, is ‘too dangerous’, and of an unknown metal)
  • Quage questions Dorian about Brent, supposed the greatest craftsman, most believe he is aloof, never having heard of such an individual.
  • Quage tries to sleep in the trees, but Archibald encourages otherwise, questioning his ability to be ready for his watch in such a case.
  • Watches issued: 1st- Archibald and Faldir, 2nd- Llewellyn and Allis, 3rd- Quage and Roland 4th- Thomas and Dorian; Wolfram is given no watch, figuring he should get a good nights’ sleep in preparation for the next day’s journey.
  • Attacked by a wolf pack during night on the first watch! Archibald calls to wake the others while Faldir tries to hold the line against them.
  • Faldir barely lives through the first wave as he runs to aid Archibald and the others join the fight.
  • Quage scores the first hit, but instead of the blood that would be expected, the entire wolf disappeared into an ethereal mist!
  • Llewellyn shouts paranoia about suppositions of this attack being a trap
  • One mule breaks its ropes and bolts, the other severely injured (-2 mules)
  • Wolfram recites an inspiring lyrical that Faldir takes to heart
  • Roland hits another, but this time actually reacts appropriately with the proper blood allotment
  • Quage begins attempting to speak in their own tongue, growling gutterally at the beasts.. to no avail
  • Everyone takes care of something important except Thomas and Alice
  • Llewellyn takes a deep bite, and Roland goes down.
  • Faldir serves up a cold dish of vengeance
  • Wolfram takes care of the final threat
  • Dorian, while furious at the crew letting a mule get taken, is hesitant to venture out to find the other.
  • Alice stupidly chases down the dead mule
  • Faldir corrals Dorian and Quage to chase after the living one, actually succeeding (+1 mule)
  • Alice returns bearing nothing but grudges
  • Weary from an unsuspected battle, we all take a cautious rest.
  • Leaving the forest with a few less tools and rations, we emerged a little sullen but healthy overall and ready for the next stage of the journey.
  • Traveling north a bit, we come along a cliff edge and approach a camp that Dorian must have occupied on his original adventure. It has a semi-circular structure of stone walls, and is surrounded by several other ruinous buildings
  • Dorian warns us not to venture into the other buildings just yet until we’ve secured the approach.
  • We spot a few more Wolf Rams in the area, and make plans to scavenge the area
  • First building is fairly overgrown rock structure, about 10 feet high. It has a stone cylinder sticking directly out of the middle. Surrounding wall appears odd, strangely smooth on the inside.
  • Dorian mentions another building about a quarter mile northeast.


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