Remnants of the Mana War

Alendi & the Party of Weirdos

'Cause weird is where it's at.

- Wahpoh attempts to convince a local town rat to spy on the Tower. It seems primarily interested in food.
- Town criers have pretty fair descriptions of most of us (Seamus’ is a little fuzzy, Kaidan’s & Wahpoh’s is pretty spot-on, Llewellyn’s is fairly off). Bountys set at $2000 for Kaidan, $1500 for Seamus, and $1000 ea. for Llewellyn & Wahpoh.
- The owner of Kaidan & Wahpoh’s new safehouse is excessively pale and on the verge of death, which raises questions about the effectiveness of Wahpoh’s poison.
- Wahpoh hides behind many things in their new safehouse, testing stealthy locations for ambushing.
- There is unrest among the citizens in the city, fearful of new attacks on the guards, at least 2 deaths being confirmed.
- Gates are locked, no one being allowed to leave/enter.
- Wahpoh sets up some nice hiding locations in the new safehouse.
- Owner is gagged and bound, laying on the bed, looking terrible.
- Llewellyn tasked with bringing the rat into the Keep, to act as a spy.
- Seamus searches through the house in the meantime, finding spare clothes. Some clearly belonged to the owner’s dead wife, and was kept for sentimental values. Additionally stored with it is some valuable jewelry.
- Llewellyn seems a little suspicious while dropping off the rat by the Keep, but generally avoids any confrontations as the guardsmen appear to be bustling.
- Saffron the Rat gets a good look at the tower and overhears that Griswold is awake and searching the city thoroughly.
- Barely avoiding being seen, Saffron sneaks into a side room/audience chamber where Griswold is, looking very worn and beat up, talking to the king directly. Another unknown figure stands beside them, looking like professor Snape! (Hans Gruber)
- Current plan is to hide in the safehouse until a searching party comes in. At that point we intend to ambush them and steal their uniforms.. What could go wrong?
- Kaidan lacks any faith in this plan and takes the initiative to cut himself for a little extra blood in order to gain the use of a spell (ghost sound) from the book. He makes the sound of an alarm horn from about a street away.
- While Llewellyn calls for a few guards to enter the safehouse in order to take care of her “sick” husband, Seamus & Wahpoh sneak out and attack the other waiting guardsmen, attempting to silence/disable one of the hornblowers.
- Seamus & Wahpoh quickly take out the hornblower outside, as one of the guards hastens a quick yell. The men inside take notice and begin running outside.
- Llewellyn quickly swipes the other horn while pretending to be frightened of the fighting outside.
- The fighting lasts for only a short time as all but one of the 5 guards were taken out quickly. A vocal alarm is sounded as the other men return, realizing it was a ruse drawing them away.
- A double-toot is sounded on the horn as the guards see us fleeing the bloody scene, giving us no time to garnish uniforms for disguises.
- All of us flee, Llewellyn, Wahpoh, and Kaidan heading to the TRE while Seamus runs east trying to draw the guards away.
- Seamus bounds across the rooftops, blowing the horn thrice! in order to distract the guards.
- Seamus, with much difficulty, attempts to disrupt their horn toots by adding toots here and there.
- Llewellyn, Wahpoh, & Kaidan carefully creep behind and around the distracted guardsmen, working their way to the TRE.
- With a triple-toot on Seamus’ horn, the guards near the TRE go on high alert with their heavy crossbows, making sneaking very difficult.
- Seamus does some awesome acrobatics to do a ground strike into the construction, subsequently falling through into a dark hole (the crater from the previous explosion), injuring himself mildly in the process.
- Wahpoh alternates his power-charges in order to call upon lightning, striking the men guarding near the TRE, and providing a bit of a distraction to disperse them.
- Kaidan decides that this is wasting time, and suggests simply killing them instead. Llewellyn and Wahpoh concur, and lay waste.
- Lightning strikes cause severe damage to them initially, but Llewellyn fires a quick volley into the back of one of the fleeing guards, killing him swiftly.
- Wahpoh fires off a throwing axe, killing another guard, and Kaidan intimidates the final guard into submission.
- They rob the bodies and acquire some uniforms/weapons.
- Seamus finds himself in a cavern with no real entries/exits, though a stone wall seems recently built on the side of the Keep. He attempts to smash through the wall, running out of time as guards begin to approach.. and injures himself.
- Wahpoh pounds on the door of the TRE, attempting to get the attention of the shopowner.
- Duley, the shopowner, opens the door with a seemingly powerful ranged weapon aimed at Wahpoh, who uses his friendship amulet in order to gain his trust, further entrusting him to deliver a message to Seamus stating “they will be near the secret entrance”.. Wahpoh threatens to call lightning onto his shop if he does not cooperate. Wahpoh gives him two empty power cells, and flee further.
- Seamus, worried he will be caught in this trap, begins feeling around further trying to find a weak point. He marks a spot (with his diamond) where he believes there is a hole on the other side, but continues looking in case there is a weaker spot.
- Llewellyn and Wahpoh climb up the outer wall successfully while Kaidan has some degree of difficulty getting up. Llewellyn drops her rope to help Kaidan climb, but gets shot by something powerful in the meantime. Another shot strikes her as she wheels around looking for the shooter.
- A little more searching and Seamus finds a hole in the wall just beneath the marked spot, enough to fit his hand through, but that’s about it. He then fails at searching for some throwing rocks/tools in the rubble.
- Wahpoh dodges a shot that fires from up on the wall as they are searching for hiding.
- Seamus keeps searching, and finds three throwing rocks!
- After this, he uses his quarterstaff in attempting to wedge the wall open, failing miserable and almost breaking his staff in the process.
- A torch gets thrown into the cavern and Seamus quickly extinguishes it, but continuing to kick the wall gets him nowhere.
- Several men come into the cavern, and a lengthy, tight battle ensues where Seamus should not have survived- but he dodged the crossbow bolts from above and ducked the dagger stabs from those surrounding him. Continuing to kick through the wall, he finally made a hole big enough to crawl through.
- Crawling into the prison, he conned the guard outside the prison to open the door, at which point Seamus stole the keys and fled quickly through the Keep and subsequently into the Guard tower.
- Racing up the tower, he shoved a guard over the 45-ft wall, then dismantled the relics atop the tower.
- For his final escape, Seamus did a beautiful triple-backflip swan dive into the oasis below.


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