Remnants of the Mana War

A Change in the Air

Can I risk missing out?

Year 2 of Halmud’s Settling. Month 3 Day 19

Living in Halmud for the past while hasn’t exactly been pleasant. You’d think after the harrowing journey just to get here, living wouldn’t be so hard. The fishermen seem to be doing best, the inlet seems to have a constant supply of fish, but dammit, you can only eat so much fish in one life. And a gold piece for a hunk of meat the size of your fist!! Outright stealing! And that’s when there is meat to get, most people aren’t willing to wander out past the farmland outside to hunt anything. At least the farmers are managing to keep up a half-way decent supply of grains and potatoes. So here you are, trying to survive in a town living off the ruins of.. somebody’s grave.

But now you feel a sense of change in the air. Dorian just came back from Gods knows where bringing back something amazing. Or at least that’s what you’re hearing. It’s a sword, a spear, a greatsword the size of two men. None of that is too fantastical. But every rumor keeps going, it floats, it fights on it’s own, it can cut through armor like paper, It is as light as a feather, it glows in the dark! It is made of some unknown material, it is impossibly sharp, it is cursed, anyone who touches it becomes immortal, It always points towards the north. Well, those are the rumors anyway.

Dorian disappears from time to time, this time everyone thought he was dead. People said he left towards the woods to the west, and the hunters will tell you how dangerous that place is. And he has been gone a long time, a month at least you think. And here he is with some “unbelievable relic” he calls it, and says there is more.

And now there is a call for others to join an exhibition. Dorian claims he wants to finish exploring the place he found. Even more unbelievable, he is offering those who join 40 gold a piece. 40 gold! Not only could that maintain a lifestyle of continuous food and supplies for half a year, but have some money left over for whatever you’d like. But Dorian could never have that much money, that’s for sure. Someone else must be paying for this, and paying dearly. Or the money is a lie.

One way or another, you feel that things are about to change, and can you really pass up the opportunity to be involved with something as big as this? AND with such a large amount of gold behind it?

The notice posted around town is calling for a variety of members to join his exhibition. Swordhands, scouts, cooks, those “intellectually interested”, among others. Whats he planning on doing? Take the entire settlement with him? Maybe you’ll be able to find a spot on the exhibition as well?


Capaal Capaal

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