Remnants of the Mana War

Alendi & the Party of Weirdos
'Cause weird is where it's at.

- Wahpoh attempts to convince a local town rat to spy on the Tower. It seems primarily interested in food.
- Town criers have pretty fair descriptions of most of us (Seamus’ is a little fuzzy, Kaidan’s & Wahpoh’s is pretty spot-on, Llewellyn’s is fairly off). Bountys set at $2000 for Kaidan, $1500 for Seamus, and $1000 ea. for Llewellyn & Wahpoh.
- The owner of Kaidan & Wahpoh’s new safehouse is excessively pale and on the verge of death, which raises questions about the effectiveness of Wahpoh’s poison.
- Wahpoh hides behind many things in their new safehouse, testing stealthy locations for ambushing.
- There is unrest among the citizens in the city, fearful of new attacks on the guards, at least 2 deaths being confirmed.
- Gates are locked, no one being allowed to leave/enter.
- Wahpoh sets up some nice hiding locations in the new safehouse.
- Owner is gagged and bound, laying on the bed, looking terrible.
- Llewellyn tasked with bringing the rat into the Keep, to act as a spy.
- Seamus searches through the house in the meantime, finding spare clothes. Some clearly belonged to the owner’s dead wife, and was kept for sentimental values. Additionally stored with it is some valuable jewelry.
- Llewellyn seems a little suspicious while dropping off the rat by the Keep, but generally avoids any confrontations as the guardsmen appear to be bustling.
- Saffron the Rat gets a good look at the tower and overhears that Griswold is awake and searching the city thoroughly.
- Barely avoiding being seen, Saffron sneaks into a side room/audience chamber where Griswold is, looking very worn and beat up, talking to the king directly. Another unknown figure stands beside them, looking like professor Snape! (Hans Gruber)
- Current plan is to hide in the safehouse until a searching party comes in. At that point we intend to ambush them and steal their uniforms.. What could go wrong?
- Kaidan lacks any faith in this plan and takes the initiative to cut himself for a little extra blood in order to gain the use of a spell (ghost sound) from the book. He makes the sound of an alarm horn from about a street away.
- While Llewellyn calls for a few guards to enter the safehouse in order to take care of her “sick” husband, Seamus & Wahpoh sneak out and attack the other waiting guardsmen, attempting to silence/disable one of the hornblowers.
- Seamus & Wahpoh quickly take out the hornblower outside, as one of the guards hastens a quick yell. The men inside take notice and begin running outside.
- Llewellyn quickly swipes the other horn while pretending to be frightened of the fighting outside.
- The fighting lasts for only a short time as all but one of the 5 guards were taken out quickly. A vocal alarm is sounded as the other men return, realizing it was a ruse drawing them away.
- A double-toot is sounded on the horn as the guards see us fleeing the bloody scene, giving us no time to garnish uniforms for disguises.
- All of us flee, Llewellyn, Wahpoh, and Kaidan heading to the TRE while Seamus runs east trying to draw the guards away.
- Seamus bounds across the rooftops, blowing the horn thrice! in order to distract the guards.
- Seamus, with much difficulty, attempts to disrupt their horn toots by adding toots here and there.
- Llewellyn, Wahpoh, & Kaidan carefully creep behind and around the distracted guardsmen, working their way to the TRE.
- With a triple-toot on Seamus’ horn, the guards near the TRE go on high alert with their heavy crossbows, making sneaking very difficult.
- Seamus does some awesome acrobatics to do a ground strike into the construction, subsequently falling through into a dark hole (the crater from the previous explosion), injuring himself mildly in the process.
- Wahpoh alternates his power-charges in order to call upon lightning, striking the men guarding near the TRE, and providing a bit of a distraction to disperse them.
- Kaidan decides that this is wasting time, and suggests simply killing them instead. Llewellyn and Wahpoh concur, and lay waste.
- Lightning strikes cause severe damage to them initially, but Llewellyn fires a quick volley into the back of one of the fleeing guards, killing him swiftly.
- Wahpoh fires off a throwing axe, killing another guard, and Kaidan intimidates the final guard into submission.
- They rob the bodies and acquire some uniforms/weapons.
- Seamus finds himself in a cavern with no real entries/exits, though a stone wall seems recently built on the side of the Keep. He attempts to smash through the wall, running out of time as guards begin to approach.. and injures himself.
- Wahpoh pounds on the door of the TRE, attempting to get the attention of the shopowner.
- Duley, the shopowner, opens the door with a seemingly powerful ranged weapon aimed at Wahpoh, who uses his friendship amulet in order to gain his trust, further entrusting him to deliver a message to Seamus stating “they will be near the secret entrance”.. Wahpoh threatens to call lightning onto his shop if he does not cooperate. Wahpoh gives him two empty power cells, and flee further.
- Seamus, worried he will be caught in this trap, begins feeling around further trying to find a weak point. He marks a spot (with his diamond) where he believes there is a hole on the other side, but continues looking in case there is a weaker spot.
- Llewellyn and Wahpoh climb up the outer wall successfully while Kaidan has some degree of difficulty getting up. Llewellyn drops her rope to help Kaidan climb, but gets shot by something powerful in the meantime. Another shot strikes her as she wheels around looking for the shooter.
- A little more searching and Seamus finds a hole in the wall just beneath the marked spot, enough to fit his hand through, but that’s about it. He then fails at searching for some throwing rocks/tools in the rubble.
- Wahpoh dodges a shot that fires from up on the wall as they are searching for hiding.
- Seamus keeps searching, and finds three throwing rocks!
- After this, he uses his quarterstaff in attempting to wedge the wall open, failing miserable and almost breaking his staff in the process.
- A torch gets thrown into the cavern and Seamus quickly extinguishes it, but continuing to kick the wall gets him nowhere.
- Several men come into the cavern, and a lengthy, tight battle ensues where Seamus should not have survived- but he dodged the crossbow bolts from above and ducked the dagger stabs from those surrounding him. Continuing to kick through the wall, he finally made a hole big enough to crawl through.
- Crawling into the prison, he conned the guard outside the prison to open the door, at which point Seamus stole the keys and fled quickly through the Keep and subsequently into the Guard tower.
- Racing up the tower, he shoved a guard over the 45-ft wall, then dismantled the relics atop the tower.
- For his final escape, Seamus did a beautiful triple-backflip swan dive into the oasis below.

Remembering the Roadmap of Recent Roamings
Or: Hey, Remember This?

A little under three years ago explorers from the Northern Continent, primarily from Moradin, traveled through the permanent magic killing storms of the straights blocking passage to the southern continent. After losing a huge number of ships and passengers on the ride over around 500 survivors landed on the relatively safe cove that would be named Halmud. Unexpectedly, they also stumbled upon an ancient and decrepit sandstone city. There was no sign of citizens, nor much of anything beyond tumbled buildings and the remains of streets and a collapsed bridge.

Two years passed where the travelers struggled to build an economy to survive upon. Two Factions formed within the city soon after arrival. The Townmasters, who were the owners of the boats and everything valuable on them, and The City Guard who formed as a band of mercenaries to defend the city from the constant monster attacks against its citizens. The few missions sent outside the city’s land typically never returned, and those that did told tales of frightful beasts, monsters, ghosts and death. Farming was a constant struggle as the only usable land was substantially outside the walls. Metal sources were non-existent, lumber could only be salvaged from the boats for a limited time. The only truly successful endeavor of the city was fishing.

Then Dorian the explorer returns from an endeavor talking about an ancient building and impossible relics of power. He formed a band including our unlikely “heroes” and went exploring. Relics were found, including proof that the ancient civilization combined magic with technology to create items more powerful than Moradin ever had. The party began seeking riches and power (or being good people?) left town towards the mountains to save some foolish miners. They stumbled upon an ancient mine and discovered more items of power. And also fearsome and unnatural creatures.

Somewhere during sometime was also an adventure into a cliff in a cliff in the water in a cliff or something.

The party returned to Halmud to discover their friend Dorian beaten and robbed of the relics he had found at the lighthouse. Tracking down the culprits led to a group of 5 Moradinites and their church. Inside was a secret underground lab of other relics and some sort of communication with a mysterious “Balthazar”. But before much was learned of these new relics, or of this Balthazar the party fled the town of Halmud, probably because they murdered 4 of the 5 Moradinites who ran the church.

The party fled south towards rumors of an ancient tower on a lake and possibly more clues about whatever past society might have lived on this continent. Along the way led to an unbelievably dead parcel of land stretching miles, and within its center a verdant and beautiful grove home to a giant of some sort. Eventually the party reached the tower, fought a bunch of crazy flying fire and ice things, saw Faldir tortured, Quage dead, and the rest of the party accidentally teleported to the other side of the mountains.

The other side was a bit more friendly, with a organization calling themselves the keepers of the door who control the ability to teleport people and objects between ancient towers. The tower gets attacked by a crazy giant monster thing, which turned out to be from an only slightly old (but very large and filled with relics) laboratory that appeared to be building monsters to attack the towers for who knows what reasons. Faldir fled from the party after pissing them off too much, and A new number blew himself (herself?) up trying to save an evil monster spawning tree.

The party went to Alendi to rescue the Master Keeper of the tower town of Alendi who’s self-proclaimed king was plotting to take control of the town’s tower.

The party was then asked to escort three keepers to Alendi by land through orc controlled territory so that they can try to wrest control of the tower back under the Keeper’s control.

TLDR: Halmud formed, lighthouse ruins —> proof of ancient relics, mines —> More relics/magic —> undead?, tower —> Quage disappears —> Portal to other side of mountains, People! They use relics and teleport —> Ahhh monsters!!!, visit Alendi and rescue Keepers, Crazy laboratory making monsters? —> Evil tree!!! —> Explosion, several more deaths, Escort keepers through orc lands.

Ascendant Membership
Just Ran Out!

My membership is gone! I’m not really positive what we’ve lost access to because of it. The forum, the calander, and more maps. Also player secrets.

Johnny's Diary

Month 4, Day 1 of Halmud being suttled upon.

First this ain’t no diary, ets a JOURNAL. Second of all, imma keepin it for so i ken practice my words. I think Mallony innit given me all thats my dew for my fishin and for me work. Afters a bits a practice I am gonna get a right good contrect written up and hes gonna sign it and make all clear who gets where when how’in what.

But that innit what i be written here today for. I just wanta keep track of my days to days happenins and whatsuch. Today I went fishin, like I usually is want to do for my bread and potatos. I pulled 3 full strings in of right fine fleeters and fatfish, Mallony done pay 8 silver 6 copper. I bit it so I know ets good. Tomorrows I might talk tos some o the others and see whats and hows Mallony pays for whats they gets.

Went a wetted me whistle at the Cap, he was already pretty far gone he was. Seein im just reminds me more of the old Sallyhaws.

Month 4, Day 5 of Halmud being suttled upon.

Is asked da other mates i know what Mallony does pay them for a haul a fish and the whatsuch. They gets nearabouts the same i does, so maybes Mallony ain’t treatin me so bads as I thinkin he might was.

Went out fishin again, but done find a new cove to try me luck. It is out a fair bit more than I is want to be, but the water be as calm as a trade wind gone sour. Did see a sight of something fancy, like a cove or some such whatnot. I thought maybes to pull in and see a sight when a cry of caws n screeching echoed from inside, they did. I left, but did see that there es a cliff in the cliff in the water in the cliff there is.

Month 4, Day 6 of Halmud being suttled upon.

I met a fine pair o blokes just today. Seemed mighty inteerestted by me talk of the cliff in the cliff in the water in the cliff they do. So I told them all about it and got a fair number of drinks in the telling I did. Nows they wanna go to et emselves. I said for the two I can do but they wannit happy and needed a bigger boat. So here I em, bein some kind of travel agent for em and getting paid good gold to do et.

Month 4, Day 7 of Halmud being suttled upon.

Is got a boat for em blokes who wanna see the cliff in the cliff in the water in the cliff. My friend Barney has gots a nice big scooner of a plank ta carry us all out n see whats in there. Strange crew we brought aboard, they were. Seems all to be fighter types maybes, cept for the big one and the squirrelly one. Full gold an 5 silver theys be payin me just to follow along they are. Is be a right lot interrestted by the cove meself sos I feel alsmost like I em takin the money. Barney gettin a right big haul he is, cant not believe these blokes agreed on 4 gold.

Month 4, Day 8 of Halmud being suttled upon.

I dun no if i can be writing this long. theys werent no friends, they wasn’ts. We saw somethin impresseve we did and den this monk like fellow tried to kill me he did. Knife right in me throat, and no hes been outside me house n everywhere.

There werent none gold or none treasure that i saw. But HUGE horse eagle bird that done attack from the skies. Also was a trove of plants and trees. I was stunned by the beauty o da place, but it has lost ets sparkle whiles I wait for me death.

Marky Mark talks to a Captivated Audience

Marky Mark finishes gulping down his soup. He finishes it faster than anyone else at the bar counter, you’d wonder if he even tastes it. But no, nothing matters to Marky Mark except telling the story to his captivated audience around him. So he slides away his bowl, wets his lips from the ale in front of him, and jumps right back into his story that the meal just interrupted.

So there I was, front of the crowd, up against this new gallows them townmasters just built up. And you should have SEEN this monstrosity, I could have built my house several times over with the wood and cloth draped over this thing, and still been able to add a second floor!

And then, only a bit a time afore the hanging was to be, the Townmasters come prancing out with their bloodied and beat up captive and no less than 6 guards, yes mates, 6! It was like this here prisoner was the most dangerous man in town, even hands bound behind his back. But I guess in the end he must have been that dangerous…

But the guards! By the gods, they hired a band of bloody mercenaries to hold this man hostage. 6 in total I saw, and two of them the most fearsome of fiends I ever did see. One, a man with no weapon or armor, but you could tell he’d take your head off without a weapon, or a thought of your wife and children. And the other was the most frightening woman This side of that of the strait. Short she may have been, but the muscles on her outmatched any man there, and the sword she carried was the biggest brute, I don’t know if anyone else could carry that damned thing around.

So here they’s come, marching out in some fancy formation, spears a swinging and jabbing all the way around as they pushed their way through the crowd. I think if any more of the town had been there already, someone woulda gotten stabbed and a riot start before any more twas to happen.

Here Marky Mark stops, and finishes his ale. The men and women around him finally finishing their own soups. But they couldn’t be any more enganged. It takes only a couple seconds of silence before one of them realizes Marky Mark’s drink is empty, and buys him another.

Ahhh, thats a good drink. So here these brutes push their way through the crowd and up this monstrosity of a gallows. Around this here time, the fatest man I ever did see, except for maybe my uncle Gerrold, came up right near next to me, cleared his throat, and started giving some speech! Everyone was in shock, and no one came out of it. The words struck me in my heart, my brethren, and had me hanging on every word. When he finally finished I think I might have done anything for this man, but instead he looked sadly up onto the stage and seemed inclined to wait and see. So the rest of us waited as well.

Soon, “Lord” Jerico stepped forward and gave a sorry comparison of a speech, I’m sorry, but I can’t repeat it now, it was lost to me and many around me.

And then he stepped aside, waved his hand, and the lever was pulled. And that was it, the man was hanged before us all. And then the rope snapped! Aye, broke several feet above the man’s head it did. I was ready to see a man with a bow nearby, come to rescue this man,. I don’t know what I expected, but the guards on top seemed to expect some treachery as they immediately launched themselves after the fallen prisoner.

Shock broke through the crowd, but no one knew how to respond, only seconds passed before figures started dashing out from under the gallows and pushing their way through the crowds. People started to push and crowd, and then scream and run in different directions. Some pushed towards the gallows they did! Crying that this hanging was un-just, and the man did not deserve to die. Others fled towards the exits, but this only caused more chaos and panic. Soon four guards with spears started pushing and shoving into the crowds.

And then, my brothers, the screams. Oh the terror that noise brought into that day. The cry of fear, the cry of blood, the cry of pain shot through the crowd. And then followed pure insanity. I twice saw a spear nearly end my life, I did, to one of those blood thirsty mercenaries they hired. But other’s blood they did spill that day.

As the crowd finally fled the destruction, I remained, unwilling to let the end of this tragedy be forgotten. A Woman cried nearby over a corpse lying in a puddle of blood. The Townmasters stood in shock, before screaming and crying in anger at the blood soaked mercenaries nearby. And then Commander Ashley strode into the square with the prisoner ’imself dragged behind her, dead he clearly was. She declared the crime paid for, but at a price far too high. And then sent her men to care for the wounded.

I’ve never seen such a glorious woman in my life, I haven’t. And thats the tale, my brothers, But I don’t think it to be the end of this tragic tale.

Thomas's Campfire Tale

Thomas tells a bit of his tale one night over food during Dorian’s Expedition…

“My Story? Well, I was born into a wealthy enough family. We had some money and land, and a prosperous plot territory to do well for the town. But I was only 6 when the siege on Morradin began. I didn’t realize what was going on at the time. Some funny looking man in black robes showed up to town, a town meeting was arranged, and then all the men and women who weren’t old or children up and left town without so much as a word.”

Here Thomas stares off into space for a short bit before coming back to himself and continues.

“Well, I know what that was all about now. None-the-less, neither of my parents came back home. Those few who did were either not sane, or seriously wounded. It wasn’t long before the remaining members of our fair town began to pack up and move out to other villages nearby, hoping to find refuge in numbers, or perhaps relatives living there. I was taken under by Ar-Armsmen, my father’s Armsmen, who took care of me while I was still young, and trained me on surviving and the art of battles and war.”

“We traveled the land making a living usually as Mercenaries and bodyguards. But eventually I turned 18 and got the thought into my head that my father’s land and money should be my own. Of course our manor was destroyed, everything raided, a town hardly stood there now, and no one cared who I claimed to be nor acknowledged any of my rights.”

“Really that’s most of my story, I continued surviving as best I could and continued trying to sue my case for my lands to everyone of power my family had connections with or not. I’d pretty much gave up by the time I heard of this expedition to this southern continent and decided that maybe here I’d be able to make my own mark and perhaps even rebuild my name.”

“Anyway, yeah, thats more story, or at least the short version of it. Though there isn’t really much more of interest to tell. I’ve seen some terribly things in battle and not, and I’ve worked for both some wonderful and some terrible people. But I do want to say one last thing.”

“Once we’re done with this here trip, we should try to stay in touch. You know, let me know how to find you or something. That way if anyone hears of another job it won’t be impossible to find some experienced hands. I’m also trying to put together my own band of fellow mercenaries who’d be available to do this job or that if anyone is interested…”

Dorian's Expedition for Artifact Recovery (Day 2 & 3)

Discussions of wolves brought up details such as their sudden disappearance into a blue ethereal mist upon physical contact. There were real wolves attacking with them as well.

Continuation into town beside the steep cliff of the inlet.

Up north, an ‘eternally-raging’ storm grumbles over the water.

Discuss the woods that are further to the south are called the “haunted woods”.

Speaking of the artifacts, the topic turns to the legend of “Excelsior”, the glowing sword- suggesting that this sword is one in the same.

Dorian and Thomas have an in-depth conversation about the peculiarity of the wolves.
Everyone eats and rests peacefully. -1 ration for all

Faldir, Dorian, & Llewellyn study the cylinder. Glass, metal cylinder comes to a point in the center with a small object held between it.
Faldir attempts to remove the relic held between, but Dorian appears to care greatly about the containing structure as well. Digging and brushing dirt away to further unearth the glass column proceeds by Dorian, Roland, & Llewellyn.
Faldir takes some time to make a detailed drawing of the gem and the surrounding glass columns.

Tiny graveyard can be seen just downhill from the camp’s location. Llewellyn makes her way toward the gravestones after making affectionate gestures toward Dorian.

Faldir investigates the surrounding parts of the building, examining a desk-like structure. After running his hands along the top of its chiseled stone surface, he discovers some sort of “push-em” device that retracts and returns after being pushed inward.

Dorian, Roland, & Wolfram give a good go at lifting the entire column/object off the ground. Investigations ensue on the part of many: Wolfram tried but seemed to get distracted easily;

Faldir continues searching through the desk drawers, finding an object with a wooden handle with a metal rod. The metal is very peculiar, speckled and cold. He places the rod into holes on the top of the desk to no avail. Crates stored next to the desk contain almost nothing aside from a small, dirty wooden box with vaguely familiar engravings. It has a lock but Faldir can do nothing to open it. He tells Dorian of his great find before venturing with Quage to get a good overview of the area.

Llewellyn talks about the dead storage to Dorian, and Wolfram suggests digging the bodies up for study of racial heritage. Hesitant and unenthusiastic at first, Dorian eventually encourages Roland and Llewellyn to investigate the graveyard/stones more. Roland tries to pick apart the language, but doesn’t get too far, saying vaguely that they are familiar but unplaceable (likely to avoid sounding incompetent by admitting lack of knowledge).

Wolfram suddenly gets the urge to dig up bodies, for scientific purposes, but Llewellyn stops him and offers to first teach the appropriate prayers before.

Roland, Wolfram, and Dorian all sit around staring at the gem-like relic. Roland becomes frustrated after failing to maintain his calm.

Faldir and Quage try to gauge the distance to the next building by pseudo-measuring from the top of the hill. As Quage runs to the bottom of the hill to “help” Faldir with his calculations, Faldir quickly digs a shallow hole in which he buries the small wooden box he found earlier. After marking the area, he call Quage back and finishes his sketch of the area.

Roland and Llewellyn purge the grave, finding another wooden/metal rod and some silver & copper coins. They investigate the rod’s metal, Llewellyn recognizing by the difficult to pronounce “Skylyr” nomenclature. Roland breaks off and tosses a finger bone into the air and subsequently into his pocket.

Wolfram appears to get 1 silver and 1 copper, Llewellyn 6 silver and 19 copper. They do not bring this up with the rest, excepting Roland who walks away taking none.

A discussion of the metal is risen amongst Llewellyn and others. Thomas cooks for all and receives mediocre reviews. (-1 rations for all).

Talking about plans for tomorrow, arguments begin about whether to stay here and study or continue on toward the next building. Roland tosses his stolen finger at Dorian who is stunned and tosses it back to Roland. Feeling a little foolish, Roland discards the bone finger.

A night of sleep prepares us all for the following day.

Dorian awakes first, and the others rise to the smell of a great breakfast cooked by Wolfram.

Wolfram and Dorian examine the column intently again for a good while.

Roland walks off with Faldir to retrieve the discarded empty box, believing it to have worthwhile markings or value. They venture to the north-east of the “crystal tower”.

Dorian argues with Llewellyn about leaving the area, finally being convinced by Llewellyn to head to the next building.

Roland begins to doubt Faldir, but after trying to find the box, Faldir finds a sort of wooden trap door-type chest. Within, a wooden box is hidden, partially carved up against the “crystal tower’s” wall. Upon opening the box, Faldir & Roland find another object, set within a soft, squishy material, mostly metal with a wooden portion. There are metallic objects also stored within the squishy stuff. Certainly the discovery of another great artifact!

In a flash of brilliance, Dorian realizes that the tower must be a “light house” set up to alert ships of incoming cliffs.

After showing the rest of the party the object and its box, Llewellyn states that the smaller objects are crafted of “Skylyr”, but the primary artifact is not. Dorian expresses great excitement at the greater understanding and finding of these ancient artifacts. Roland remains skeptical about the light-producing capabilities of the column.

Thomas barks up on behalf of Archibald, encouraging another to take watch over the campsite or at least inform him of their departure. Dorian suggests that we utilize a box of animal hides that have been tanned, but to what use he does not illuminate.

Thomas takes initiative and directs the crew northeastward. After about a halfway march,

Dorian stops us all and quietly explains that we may be in a situation that we will run into sentient creatures, which Dorian believes we will be able to bribe with the tanned hides.

Llewellyn spots recently built structures of wood attached onto the stone masonry. Faldir keeps a vigilant eye along the entire way, and spots a few “gobbler-wobblers” running through the grass. Killing one in spectacular fashion, Faldir remains on his game as Quage collects the fowl.

As we approach the encampment, a figure seems to rise to the top of the wall. Surprise runs through us all as we realize the goblin staring blankly at us over the wall!

Roland and Llewellyn contemplate running, but Faldir and Thomas encourage the team to push forward, opening opportunities for examination and parley. Llewellyn uses words no one can understand, but gives an impression of turning around.

Climbing over the encampment, we spot one goblin roasting a few “bouncers” and many others turn to us and grab their weapons. Llewellyn slams her axe into the ground and opens her arms in an opening gesture. The cooking goblin runs off, but the others leer at us shiftily.

Thomas tries to initiate a deal involving the hides and “gobbler-wobbler”, but no one understands what they say back, though they make a motioning backward as if to bring the leader. Faldir remains vigilant in case of sudden violence, protecting the crew from any danger.

Three goblins return with the original fleeing goblin, one of them a highly-decorated she-goblin. Several horribly goblin-squawk-filled moments go-by, but the language barrier hinders any understanding for us. But shortly after, she begins speaking in the Nobilese tongue- bits and peices beings “travellers”, “trespassing”, “food”, “danger”.

Faldir manages to communicate brokenly with the she-goblin, bringing tensions down to a more peaceful degree. He continues trying to negotiate a deal where the hides are given to allow us to search the area for objects of interest. They are convinced of our archaeological intent.

She sends a goblin to a crate, returning with a metallic device that has two cylinders that are attached to one another. Faldir deftly negotiates for the trading of all hides and the gobbler-wobbler in order to receive the object. More communication ensues, but nothing big comes of it aside from a potential trading opportunity.

Faldir tries to hunt some game on the way back to the campsite, but misses his shot at a presumed wobbler-gobbler. Upon retreiving the bolt, he gets savagely attacked by some sort of prairie cat, hence-named “grass-cat”, rendering him instantly unconscious. Faldir sees the hazy shadows of his companions rush to his fallen side moments before everything fades to black.

Roland tried to tame the beast with his bare hands, grappling the grass-cat but failing to maintain his grip. A successfully landed stab and punch later, and the cat begins to fear the group.

The spoken words of Wolfram seem to be heard by Faldir coming through a long cavernous hallway, distant and difficult to focus on. As his booming voice continues, the rythmic syllables give Faldir something tangible to try and bring his mind back to the moment.

Moments of the fight are very foggy, and my memory does not serve me here.

Whimpering sounds and spurts of blood from the involved parties paint the scene in a vicious light, as the largest of our crew falls to the ground by Faldir’s side.

Waking up around the campfire, Faldir is told the happenings of the battle against the grass-cat. Apparently Llewellyn managed to bandage up his wounds and keep him from bleeding out. Quage expresses great interest in the bones, meat, & skin of the grass-cat, having hauled the partially-beheaded carcass back to the campsite.

Llewellyn examines the double-cylinder object, discovering their amazing power to increase vision distance. These “far-see-um”s allow the sighting of things from much further away.

Dorian is impressed by the technology, but Llewellyn attempts to negotiate the acquisition of said item instead of the contractual obligation to turn over all goods to the Company.

Thomas and Faldir go to the top of the hill and attempt to use the “far-see-ums” to discern what the goblins in the distance are occupied with. It would seem primarily they maintain their walls with hides and cooking food. Weapons are at least not prominently utilized.

Roland and Quage venture off into the plain, sighting another grass-cat moving through the growth. They move away from the beast, fearing a battle as vicious as the last. A bit more searching, and they happen across another small dog-like creature with a long bushy tail, named “tail-dog”. Roland quickly dispatches the animal with his peculiar throwing dagger, the kunai.

Dorian's Expedition for Artifact Recovery (Day 1)
  • Motley crew of oddly-skilled individuals chosen by Dorian ventures forth from Halmud (_see map on page 12)
  • Travel goes slowly with Wolfram having to stop often to catch his breath.
  • A spry squirrel seems very comfortable with Quage, spending a good amount of time simply sitting on his shoulder during the trek, one would almost entertain the possibility of domestication after seeing the display.
  • The group passes several rams on the city outskirts, nicknamed “Wolf Rams”, but are warned by Dorian of their dangerous nature when a herd is frightened.
  • The shortest member of the party, Llewellyn, shows off a drawing to Dorian of some weapon, perhaps her idea of what the artifact could be, though her words fall somewhat short. (accompanied by short transcript & rough sketch of a double-sided battleaxe, possibly named ‘Dragonstummer’)
  • Small heated argument between Dorian and Archibald takes place about route & speed (followed by transcript w/ gestural description)
  • Wolfram cooks a delightful meal for everyone around the fire, Dorian approves highly of its quality. (-1 ration for all)
  • Quage ventures into the woods in seek of inkcaps and other natural supplies while the others set up camp.
  • Discussion between Roland and Dorian about the artifact, (accompanied by a one-sided transcript, detailing Dorian’s description of a sword that glowed, is ‘too dangerous’, and of an unknown metal)
  • Quage questions Dorian about Brent, supposed the greatest craftsman, most believe he is aloof, never having heard of such an individual.
  • Quage tries to sleep in the trees, but Archibald encourages otherwise, questioning his ability to be ready for his watch in such a case.
  • Watches issued: 1st- Archibald and Faldir, 2nd- Llewellyn and Allis, 3rd- Quage and Roland 4th- Thomas and Dorian; Wolfram is given no watch, figuring he should get a good nights’ sleep in preparation for the next day’s journey.
  • Attacked by a wolf pack during night on the first watch! Archibald calls to wake the others while Faldir tries to hold the line against them.
  • Faldir barely lives through the first wave as he runs to aid Archibald and the others join the fight.
  • Quage scores the first hit, but instead of the blood that would be expected, the entire wolf disappeared into an ethereal mist!
  • Llewellyn shouts paranoia about suppositions of this attack being a trap
  • One mule breaks its ropes and bolts, the other severely injured (-2 mules)
  • Wolfram recites an inspiring lyrical that Faldir takes to heart
  • Roland hits another, but this time actually reacts appropriately with the proper blood allotment
  • Quage begins attempting to speak in their own tongue, growling gutterally at the beasts.. to no avail
  • Everyone takes care of something important except Thomas and Alice
  • Llewellyn takes a deep bite, and Roland goes down.
  • Faldir serves up a cold dish of vengeance
  • Wolfram takes care of the final threat
  • Dorian, while furious at the crew letting a mule get taken, is hesitant to venture out to find the other.
  • Alice stupidly chases down the dead mule
  • Faldir corrals Dorian and Quage to chase after the living one, actually succeeding (+1 mule)
  • Alice returns bearing nothing but grudges
  • Weary from an unsuspected battle, we all take a cautious rest.
  • Leaving the forest with a few less tools and rations, we emerged a little sullen but healthy overall and ready for the next stage of the journey.
  • Traveling north a bit, we come along a cliff edge and approach a camp that Dorian must have occupied on his original adventure. It has a semi-circular structure of stone walls, and is surrounded by several other ruinous buildings
  • Dorian warns us not to venture into the other buildings just yet until we’ve secured the approach.
  • We spot a few more Wolf Rams in the area, and make plans to scavenge the area
  • First building is fairly overgrown rock structure, about 10 feet high. It has a stone cylinder sticking directly out of the middle. Surrounding wall appears odd, strangely smooth on the inside.
  • Dorian mentions another building about a quarter mile northeast.
A Change in the Air
Can I risk missing out?

Year 2 of Halmud’s Settling. Month 3 Day 19

Living in Halmud for the past while hasn’t exactly been pleasant. You’d think after the harrowing journey just to get here, living wouldn’t be so hard. The fishermen seem to be doing best, the inlet seems to have a constant supply of fish, but dammit, you can only eat so much fish in one life. And a gold piece for a hunk of meat the size of your fist!! Outright stealing! And that’s when there is meat to get, most people aren’t willing to wander out past the farmland outside to hunt anything. At least the farmers are managing to keep up a half-way decent supply of grains and potatoes. So here you are, trying to survive in a town living off the ruins of.. somebody’s grave.

But now you feel a sense of change in the air. Dorian just came back from Gods knows where bringing back something amazing. Or at least that’s what you’re hearing. It’s a sword, a spear, a greatsword the size of two men. None of that is too fantastical. But every rumor keeps going, it floats, it fights on it’s own, it can cut through armor like paper, It is as light as a feather, it glows in the dark! It is made of some unknown material, it is impossibly sharp, it is cursed, anyone who touches it becomes immortal, It always points towards the north. Well, those are the rumors anyway.

Dorian disappears from time to time, this time everyone thought he was dead. People said he left towards the woods to the west, and the hunters will tell you how dangerous that place is. And he has been gone a long time, a month at least you think. And here he is with some “unbelievable relic” he calls it, and says there is more.

And now there is a call for others to join an exhibition. Dorian claims he wants to finish exploring the place he found. Even more unbelievable, he is offering those who join 40 gold a piece. 40 gold! Not only could that maintain a lifestyle of continuous food and supplies for half a year, but have some money left over for whatever you’d like. But Dorian could never have that much money, that’s for sure. Someone else must be paying for this, and paying dearly. Or the money is a lie.

One way or another, you feel that things are about to change, and can you really pass up the opportunity to be involved with something as big as this? AND with such a large amount of gold behind it?

The notice posted around town is calling for a variety of members to join his exhibition. Swordhands, scouts, cooks, those “intellectually interested”, among others. Whats he planning on doing? Take the entire settlement with him? Maybe you’ll be able to find a spot on the exhibition as well?

Welcome to "Remnants of the Mana War!

In the future, this space should really be used for recaps of an adventure. We should probably keep conversation about your character creation to the forum, just make a topic about your character so we can have an easy back and forth.

I’ll probably also make a post in the forum with a recap/additional information about the scenario/feel of the campaign as well as a reminder about the details we want to get ironed out for character creation. Definitely feel free to post suggestions anywhere, I’ll be doing a lot of home-brewed stuff, so I’ll be relying on you guys to keep me fair, and the stuff balanced.

5th Edition will be used to hopefully help maintain a feeling of balance in terms of hp/damage/and spells. I have no idea if obsidian portals has any quality character sheets to use for 5th, but I would probably not use it anyway considering how annoying it has been for McKool.


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